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Your unique love story is told by your engagement ring.

You can choose from diamonds or sparkling gemstones to beautiful metals and mounting styles, to make your own unique engagement ring.

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“If my fiancée and I could give them 6 out of 5 stars we would! Niki and Joe were there to help with the whole process of looking at rings, helping me purchase the ring within my budget and making pick up super convenient and easy. Then when one of the gems popped out of the band, they were right on top of contacting the manufacturer and getting the ring repaired. Just an overall great experience! Would highly recommend!”

Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Rings

If you know that you’re proposing soon, or even if you’d just like to make an educated purchase, here are some tips that you may find useful:

  • Decide on a budget.
  • Decide on a style. (When buying an engagement ring, make sure you know your partner’s taste.)
  • Decide on a diamond cutter.
  • Choose the appropriate setting.
  • Choose the appropriate ring size.

Popular engagement ring styles include solitaire rings, three-stone rings, and halo rings. The most popular engagement ring style today is the solitaire. The solitaire is a ring with one single diamond.

The carat weight of an engagement ring depends on the size of the diamond and your budget.

The engagement ring is a ring given as a symbol of love and an engagement. The wedding ring is the ring worn every day to signify the marriage.

Styles vary, and partners often choose rings with contrasting styles and metals. To find a ring your partner will love, bring him or her to a jewelry store and ask an associate for help.

The 4Cs are the four principal characteristics of a diamond, namely:
1. Carat: The weight of a diamond.
2. Color: The hue and saturation of a diamond’s color.
3. Clarity: The absence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond.
4. Cut: The proportions, symmetry and finish of a diamond.

The metal used in engagement ring these days is white gold. White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and copper. Gold, platinum, silver, and titanium are the other popular metals used in engagement rings.

For help finding the right fit for your ring, you can consult our Ring Sizing Guide.
The average cost for an engagement ring is $6,000, according to TheKnot.com. The average cost of an engagement ring in the US is $5,000.00 – $7,000.00.

Unfortunately, there is no amount that is considered to be right. It’s always a good idea to set up a budget for an engagement ring, because you want to spend your money on the right ring, not the most expensive. With that being said, here are some tips:

  • Start by asking yourself, “What is my financial state?”
  • Adhering to a budget is smart, but if the budget includes room for an engagement ring, consider setting one aside ahead of time.
  • To know how much to spend on a ring, it’s important to know the ring’s carat weight and carat size.
  • If you’re unsure about the exact ring size, use a ring sizer.
  • If you’re considering a diamond, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable dealer.
  • If your significant other likes vintage, consider a retro look.
  • If you don’t have a budget, consider buying a pre-owned ring.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot, but make sure you’re buying quality.

It’s always a good idea to set up a budget for an engagement ring, because you want to spend your money on the right ring, not the most expensive.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is presented to a woman by the man and is worn on the left hand. This custom originated in Ancient Egypt, and many other cultures have followed this tradition. Although women traditionally wear engagement rings, men have started wearing engagement rings too. The engagement ring is symbolic of a promise to marry, and is worn on the ring finger of the hand, which symbolizes eternity.

According to original customs, the bride-to-be usually buys the engagement ring. She may either present it to the man when he proposes, or she may ask her parents to buy it for her. Now in modern times, the groom pays for the engagement ring and the wedding ring.

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